How does this work?

Our two-hour Saturday sessions are a combination of organized activities and unstructured play for 0-5 year olds and their families. If you would like to come and see if this club is a good fit for you, email us and come to a Saturday session. If you like it, just fill out a membership form and pay the 15 Euro monthly fee.

Do I drop off my kid?

No. Kids’ Club is for the whole family. At the least each family must have one guardian present during the session.

Are there any fees involved?

There is a 15 Euro a month fee per family. This covers the costs associated with renting the facility, coffee, tea, and any needed supplies. The first few visits are free.

Excursions and Parents’ Night Out events are optional and extra.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

The main goal of Kids’ Club is for children to learn English. Members should speak English during the session, especially with the children.

We encourage all family members to show courtesy to hosting families by participating during the organized activities.

Parents should remove disruptive children that hinder the fun for the other children.

We expect all members to respect other members and the property. This includes help with any set-up or clean-up during the session.

Are there any other activities besides the Saturday sessions?

Yes. Throughout the year we arrange special events and an English-language book club.

Can I bring guests?

Visiting friends and family are welcome. However, if they are going to be regular visitors they should join and become members.

Is Kids’ Club just for kids?

Kids’ Club is for families with at least one 0-5 year old. Friendships between children and families blossom beyond the Saturday playgroup. Several parents’ nights out occur throughout the year and a monthly book club for the parents has just been established. The KC serves as a great resource for parents looking for local recommendations such as an English speaking Kita, International School, and more.