The Kids’ Club is not only about our children, it is also about YOU as a parent! Meet like-minded people from all walks of life, from different countries with various backgrounds all striving to teach their children English while here in Germany.


Although being a native speaker is by no means a requirement, being fluent in English and actually conversing on a regular basis with your children is. Examples of achieving this include following the “one language, one parent” (OPOL) method or speaking English as a family during certain hours of the day.

The Club is dedicated to speaking English only during the sessions in order to provide children with an immersive experience.


Monthly costs are €15 per family to cover rent of rooms, materials for activities, outings and to buy books, toys and games. The monthly fee is payable by the 15th of the month by bank transfer to the club’s account. Bank information can be found on the Membership form below and in the Impressum.

Read the statutes here. (in German)

Download the Membership Form, fill it out, and hand it to one of the committee members during the Saturday session.