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Family Education

123 Child


Link for excursions: Belle NRW


All about ghosts and things that go bump in the night

Under the sea – all things nautical

Outdoor keep fit session

Science experiment

Groundhog Day

African fruit and animals

Games, Games, Games

Wildlife: plants and animals of the local forests

Airplanes: making kites

Airport: from check-in to destination

The weather: wind, thunder, lightning, snow

The earth and its people: from continent to continent

Our body and our senses

Rescue Services: Police and Fire Brigade

Fairytales of the world

Trains: Thomas and friends

Shapes and forms

Music and more

Farm: grain, harvesting and farm machines

Landscapes: Arctic, desert and jungle

Food: 5 basic food groups

Stars and Space

Different professions

Sun and planets

Houses of the world

Pets: advantages and disadvantages



The Gingerbread Man

Traffic and road safety


Making flowers

Making photo frames

Making bookmarks

Acting out a story

Making pancakes (Shrove Tuesday)

Show and tell

Rain-related frolics inside

Making biscuits

Food: making muesli

Space: building rockets

Hand- and footprints

Flower planting

Making popcorn


Picnic at Stadtgarten Essen
Zeche Knirps
Climbing at Zeche Helene
Out and about with the deer at Grafenberger Wald
Wuppertal Zoo
ZOOM Gelsenkirchen
Schokoladenmuseum Köln
Aalto Theater
Planetarium Bochum
Farm ‘Gut Heimendahl’ and Bergerhof
SeaLife Oberhausen
Going to the circus

Schnipselkino Wuppertal