About Us

The Kids’ Club started in 2000 and is currently in its 3rd generation of kids. We are an English language playgroup for families where English is one of the languages spoken in the home.
The club strives to provide a learning atmosphere in a relaxed and fun environment where English is the language of communication amongst members.

The focus of our group includes:

  • Encouraging children to use English not only with the English-speaking parent but with playmates and other adults
  • Exposing children to the various traditions and cultures represented in the club
  • Reinforcing and expanding English vocabulary through interesting learning activities

For bilingual kids up to 5 years.

We start our sessions with informal play while the parents set up and enjoy coffee and tea. We then gather to sing songs, make music, play games, craft art projects, and have seasonal projects.

Sessions are a mix of unstructured playtime and organised activities led by families. Officers of the Club maintain a calendar where families sign up to host sessions (at least twice a year) of educational content. Topics can range from baking muffins and planting sunflower seeds to celebrating holidays and bring popular books to life. We also try to include aspects of the various nationalities and cultures represented at the Kids’ Club.

We always end our sessions with a story time for the kids (and clean-up for the adults) and a good-bye song.

We meet every Saturday at a kindergarten in Essen-Rüttenscheid from 10am-12pm. Please contact us for the exact address!